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This will be our first Meetup at InVision in the Media Harbor in Düsseldorf where we will be served food and drinks. Thanks to our awesome InVision Chefs!

Our schedule:

19:00: Doors, Drinks, Snacks

19:30 A short introduction to the Container Orchestration Framework Kubernetes by Frederic Hemberger (@fhemberger) + Q&A

20:00 Break

20:15 Serverless, Functions as a Service and what it means for Developers and Operations by Marcus Weiner (@mraerino) and Moritz Gunz (@theneolegends) + Q&A

20:45 Break

21:00 Let’s build something: Let’s find a project for our Meetup attendees to collaborate on by Daniel Heitmann (@dictvm) + Discussion & Suggestions

21:30 Discuss whatever you like, get together in small groups, ask questions about topics that interest you

Don’t forget to check out our forums and take a look at around at our Github organisation where we have recently published our graphics. You’re welcome to contribute to our website. If you think you can contribute something, please open a pull request. Thanks!

We hope to see all of you!

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